The Shipibo Conibo Center

In the Declaration of Yarinacocha, Shipibo Healers Organize To Resist Spiritual Extractivism

L ast April, a Canadian ayahuasca tourist rode a motorbike into the Amazonian township of…
Duncan Trussell Meditation

Duncan Trussell – Meditation Tips and Disembodied Gurus

How do you get present, truly in the moment? The comedian Duncan Trussell (@duncantrussell) talks…
Starhawk Feminist

Starhawk – The Feminist Future

The witches among us are pioneering the link between feminine empowerment and environmentalism. And no…
Adrian Taffinder

Adrian Taffinder – An Empath’s Way of Knowing

Among the many gifted psychics, empaths and energy healers in the Evolver orbit, Adrian Taffinder’s…