Who We Are

The culture of the future is conscious. It acknowledges spirit. It's designed around healing. It's based on our interconnection with one another. It celebrates humanity's role as part of a living planet and cosmos. Since 2007, Evolver has been an innovation hub for this emerging consciousness culture. We produce a podcast, publish articles, offer online courses, and organize events in our home city of New York and across the country. Our botanical dispensary, The Alchemist's Kitchen, is dedicated to the power of plants.

Our Core Values

Love of nature and deep caring about its preservation, and its natural balance

Strong awareness of the planet-wide issues of sustainability and a desire to see more action on them

Belief that change is the constant

Thinking global, acting local

Investing time as volunteers with one or more good social causes

Wellness of mind, body, and spirit are high priority pursuits

Optimistic about the future

Concern and support of the wellbeing of all women and children

Love and respect for the animal kingdom

Design science, innovation in technology and artisanship are desirable